Rules and Regulations


  1. Respect every member, regardless of the rank, age, or branch.

  2. Minimum age for membership is 18 . Exceptions can be made on the maturity level. Maturity is the key and a factor for ALL MEMBERS.

  3. No member of 7 CMBG will disrespect, bully, harass, “troll”, or otherwise intentionally offend any member of 7CMBG at any time. This will result in disciplinary actions*.

  4. There is absolutely NO tolerance for discrimination or prejudice of any kind. Homophobia, sexism or racism will not be tolerated. Serious offenses will result in an immediate MAJOR DISCIPLINARY action.

  5. Team Killing is strictly forbidden, any member of 7CMBG caught intentionally team killing will have a formal hearing with the HQ to determine the outcome.

  6. The Chain Of Command shall be utilized at all times. Any deviation from the Chain of Command must warrant a good reason.

  7. Members names don’t have to be their real names but must appear in a real name format. The first letter of your first name and last name should be in capital letters preceded by the rank. A ‘callsign’ is not an appropriate name. The staff retains the right to judge nicknames outside of these established rules.

    • Example: Candidate name is John Doe, so you should see on :

      1. Arma: PVT J.Doe
      2. Teamspeak : PVT J.Doe

  8. The member name shall not be offensive, racist, stupid, homophobic or sexist.

  9. Adherence to 7CMBG website is mandatory.

  10. You will need to check the website at least once a week starting every Tuesday. Failure to check the website, then later saying you were unaware of something will not be a valid excuse.

  11. Streaming our events is not permitted unless told otherwise by a Commanding Officer.

  12. If you are unable to be active due to life circumstances (e.g. deployment, hardship), please post in the LOA (Leave of Absence) forum so Command can preserve your status. Please include an ETA on when you will return.

  13. After 35 days of inactivity (not logging into the website), members will be moved into "inactive/Reserve" status and have their authority and abilities suspended. “Inactive/Reserve” members may eventually be dropped from the unit.

  14. Issues of dispute shall only be discussed with relevant parties and the relevant Unit Lead in a private setting. If a Unit Lead is not available, relevant parties will endeavor to inform command staff as soon as possible of the dispute and resolution, if any.

  15. Every official meeting, no matter which branch, should be recorded to keep track of all that has been discussed and so avoid the confusion, lack of information and lack of communication.

  16. A member is not allowed to change their game name or soldier name once in 7CMBG unless explicitly authorized by HQ Command Staff. This includes your name as it appears on 7CMBG webpage (we need to identify you by your name on the website).

  17. Dual Clanning (in ArmA 3 community) is completely forbidden. When you join the ranks of the 7CMBG, we ask you to have loyalty toward the unit.

  18. Members will not share any server passwords with non-Members.

  19. Keep the drama at home. Bringing your drama on to our servers or Teamspeak is not appropriate. In addition to this creating unneeded drama within the unit is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

  20. Usage of any type of cheating is unacceptable, hacks or cheats. Again this is grounds for immediate removal.

  21. Respect the unit. In addition to this, there are active duty members and veterans within this organization. Disrespect or bad mouthing this unit will not be tolerated.

  22. While in any official 7CMBG servers you must conduct yourself in correlation with our unit standards at all times. No exceptions. Racism, Homophobic, Sexist, and others comments like that are not accepted at any time in any form. Do not make any remarks that could potentially offend another player. Keep in mind that our unit is made up of all kinds of people, from different areas and backgrounds. Do not take a chance by making an inconsiderate comment.

  23. Members will use proper emplacement on the website for the different subject. (Example: Posting an LOA doesn’t belong in Mod’s discussions).

  24. When participating in any formal operation, follow the orders given to you by whoever is appointed above you. What stops a smooth operation is someone who constantly questions their leadership's intent. If you have suggestions or concerns leave them for after the operation while being respectful.

  25. No Lone-wolves, the unit works as a team. As a unit, we cannot operate with 100% certainty that your team members have your back.

  26. Any time a reply is requested pertaining to something on the website, REPLY. Whether it is an answer on if you are attending an op, or even a bulletin, policy change etc put out that you are asked to acknowledge you have seen it. If you have concerns you may bring it up through your chain of command, but reply in whatever manner is requested regardless.

  27. A working microphone and intermediate English skills are required.

  28. You may use free talk as long as it does not disturb teammates. We do not want to hear breathing, chewing, eating, or any other background noises.

  29. Make an open effort to help newer players to the game. Experience levels vary across our player base. Some members have had the game for years, some members just downloaded it today. Insulting another player for being "new” does not propose a solution. Don’t be that guy. Elitist attitudes are grounds for removal.

    New Candidates

  30. CANDIDATES: There is a 21-day probationary period (3 weeks) for new candidates. During a 21 day period, recruits will be assessed on attitude, attendance, and activity. Recruits who display a poor attitude can be cut immediately before the 21 days are completed. Recruits who struggle with attendance and activity may be reminded of the unit standards and expectations. After the reminder, disciplinary action could be taken if the situation persists.

    • Attitude:
      • treat all members and fellow recruits with civility and respect.

    • Attendance:
      • Attend or give notice if you're not able to attend for scheduled events (training, meetings, Ops and everything else that required your presence).
      • We ask candidates to attend the majority of the scheduled events.

    • Activity:
      • Read and understand the rules of the 7CMBG.
      • Check regularly the website and the other communications platform that we are using.
      • Answer everything that you are asked to answer in the website forums.
      • Respond to invites to Training, Mini-Operations, Official Operations & Official Campaigns as quickly as possible.
      • Use appropriate Communication channels (ex. LOA forms goes in the LOA Forum, not in the General discussion forum).

  31. New members must complete basic training within 3 weeks of joining, otherwise, they must reapply to the unit. Date of joining will reflect re-application date.

  32. Training requirements and attendance requirements are at the discretion of your branch Commanding Officer.

  33. Participation in operations is at the discretion of your branch Commanding Officer.

    Teamspeak & Server Rules

  34. 7CMBG members Teamspeak avatars will not have anything offensive, graphics, homophobic, racist, sexist or pornographic.

  35. 7CMBG members Teamspeak profile name must stay in regulations at all times.

  36. All 7CMBG members will follow their specific branch loadout descriptions. At NO time will a 7CMBG member use personal arsenal without the consent of Command. Loadouts are already set on the servers so, in no times members should use Arsenal.

  37. A team member will not use any third party programs such as scripts, hacks, aim-bots, personal arsenal, etc to gain an unfair advantage and/or use in a malicious manner that is frowned upon.

  38. Never poke or message command staff at any time during an operation. This distracts from our positions of responsibility and can cause accidents during deployment.

  39. Do not speak in the training channel unless you are on the training server.

  40. Keep the in-game chat clear 100% of the time. Occasionally, during the briefing, command staff may send messages via the global chat system, but never type during deployment at any time. If you lose your radio and cannot contact anybody, it is on you to find your way back to link up with friendlies. It’s a military simulation, not an instant messaging program.

  41. Lock it up immediately when ordered to by an officer. We need silence in order to speak about important information that you would most likely miss if you were talking through it.

  42. Always keep your weapon on safety unless on an open firing range or tell otherwise by an Officer. No exceptions. Misfires and negligent discharges could potentially kill you or another teammate. Treat it as a real firearm exercise caution at all times.

  43. When participating in any formal operation, follow the orders given to you by whoever is appointed above you. What stops a smooth operation is someone who constantly questions their leadership's intent. If you have suggestions or concerns leave them for after the operation while being respectful.

  44. Obey the community standards that are clearly outlined in our Unit Regulations. Those regulations do not "go away" simply because an admin is not watching you.

  45. If you're a non-member of 7CMBG, it’s completely banned to come on Teamspeak and sit in the AFK for hours and hours until authorized by Command Staff. This takes a place available from a member or a new recruit. If you're not active with a specific member, then your presence is not required.

Approved by HQ - 10 September 2018