Welcome to the 7th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group

Logo Template 7CMBG is an Arma 3 based MilSim unit that is devoted to creating and acting-out realistic simulated military combat.

We are objective driven using MilSim tactics with role-played combat, and medical situations modeled on the doctrine, tactics, and equipment of the Canadian Armed Forces. We are not a "Call of Duty" clan that plays games with elimination, deathmatches and team competitions. Achieving a realistic simulation of modern combat is our ultimate objective - virtual "body counts" are not our goal.

7CMBG has been around since 2007 and has a good blend of currently serving and retired Military members, mixed-in with dedicated civilians who have a strong desire in organized Tactical MilSim. We also accept non-Canadian members, keeping in mind the time-zone used is Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is Toronto, Canada time.

If you are interested in getting more information from our unit, you can join us on TeamSpeak 3.

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  • J.Lacasse
    J.Lacasse  3 hours ago

    loving the website

  • S.Morency
    S.Morency  1 day ago

    A member is not allowed to change their game name or soldier name once in 7CMBG unless explicitly authorized by HQ Command Staff. This includes your name as it appears on 7CMBG webpage (we need to identify you by your name on the website).

  • testor
    testor  4 days ago

    Hi, I am testing the system... :)

  • S.Morency
    S.Morency  1 week ago

    Welcome to the new 7CMBG site, it is a WIP!


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