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Who Are We?

The 7th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group is a Canadian Arma 3 Milsim Unit which focuses on realism, professionalism, and providing a high quality of training for its members in the doctrine of Canada's Armed Forces. The Arma 3 Clan, comprised of members mainly from Canada and the United States, has been around since days of Operation FlashPoint, and has been in successful operation for more than 9 years. Don't waste your time with other milsims!

The unit itself is currently divided up into three main fighting groups;

1CMIR (1st Canadian Milsim Infantry Regiment)
• 1CMSOR (1st Canadian Milsim Special Operations Regiment)
• 447 CSS (Air Task Force - 447 Combat Support Squadron)

These three Units unite every Sunday as a "Combat Team" to execute a coordinated mission.

How To Join!

Start the process by completing a Notice of Intent and joining our TeamSpeak server at ts.7cmbg.com